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National Electrical and Lighting Systems

Outlets designed for the job

We are also a wholly owned and LICENSED Electrical contractor (C-10 609033) with heavy duty equipment specially designed and built  for trade shows. No hardware store equipment or overheated extension cords here, ever!

Reliability, Scruples and Ethics when it counts.

Why do Producers and Managers use us for their events year after year?  Fair prices and reliability alone can't account for it.   It is because they trust us and we trust them.   We have customers with large multi-annual events that have used our services continuously for over 25 years on a hand shake basis.

EVENT PRODUCERS! Ask us how your customer sales can be facilitated with an event supplied low cost electrical outlet for their needs.

Why is a LICENSED electrician important?

For safety and fire prevention reasons, most States, Counties, Cities, Convention Centers and most Insurance Companies require electrical installations to be peformed by proven, certified electricians under the supervision of a licensed  electrical contractor.   In any occasion that might result in litigation, such as a fire, you may need your insurance company to back you all the way, without reservations or loopholes.

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National Electrical and Lighting Systems is a division of S&N Show Services, Inc. dba Action Expo.  California License 609033.