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Our services include the all-important ability to know (ahead of time) the rules, regulations and requirements of each facility and regulatory agency.

We are able to quickly secure permits, design and provide CAD floor plans that meet Fire Departments plan-check requirements.

We can also quickly produce stylized exhibitor order forms with your event headings and your logo. We can supply you with photo-ready copies for your printing company or we can provide you with sufficient numbers of the various forms that you can provide your exhibitors.

We carry a California Electrical Contractor license and appropriate bonds so the building managers, event producers, exhibitors, the Fire Departments and the public can be assured that the electrical installation was performed by experienced, skilled electricians who know how to keep the building from burning down and not by "pretend electricians" that do not meet California's minimum standards and requirements.

Action Expo and its parent company, S&N Show Services, carries on its own behalf, and that of its employees, Workers Compensation Insurance and Commercial General Liability of $1,000,000.00.

The insurance helps to protect us, our clients, the facilities and the attendees.

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